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Copyright Wisdom - YAMAHA CDRW

Copyright Wisdom

Copyright is a legal fiction designed to protect the works of artists, inventors and innovators. In essence, it is a legal bar, allowing exclusivity for those who create works in the form of an intangible asset which can be sold or relinquished, and which expires upon a certain period of time.

michael ejekam, expert commenter

The Rise Of the Interwebs

With the growth of the internet and the creation of more and more content, the question of copyright is becoming increasingly more relevant.  One which more and more webmasters are considering to protect their own interests.

Originally whoever created a product or art work owns the copyright that allows them to do what they want with their creation. However, the creator can sell the copyright to someone else allowing them to use the creation as their own.

Different places may view the laws slightly differently. The general understanding is that the real estate developer who creates the piece of art to begin with owns the copyright until they decide to sell their rights to another person or company.

Establishing Copyright Laws

Copyright laws were created to protect people’s creations from being used by another party without permission. Usually some type of financial gain for creating, So if the law is broken then the original creator has the right to sue whoever is using their product.

Many artists work on a commission basis. Copyright laws are designed to make it easier for them to sue if a third party is using their work without consent.


These laws were designed to protect intellectual property or things that are created. Copyright laws protect people’s ideas for decades as soon as people have put their ideas in a tangible form. this is a right that does not require the creator to do anything else to receive it.

Many people that have created wonderful new things for the future have their interests and products protected under copyright laws. Many people would not be as willing to put their ideas out there if they did not know they were safe.


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